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Picking an Appropriate Disguise
Always remember to pick an appropriate disguise. It's usually a bad idea to disguise as a Scout, Medic, or Spy. As a Scout you will run slower than you should, as a Medic your ubercharge bar will not show up, and Spies usually have a paper mask on. (A disguised spy will not appear to have on the opposite team.)

Remember to adapt your disguise to the situation. If you notice that the opposing team has a lot of a certain class, disguise as that class, because you ALWAYS appear to have the name of a random person from the enemy team as the class you disguise as -- unless you disguise as a class the enemy team has none of which you should never do. If you know there is only one of a particular class you are disguised as, avoid that person at all costs, as you will have their name.

If it's an offense/defense map and you're on offense, don't disguise as a defensive Scout since it's unlikely the team even has a Scout. Likewise, it's a bad idea to disguise as an offensive Engineer.

Remember: Do not change disguises in the open. You let off a huge cloud of smoke when you do.

Disguising as a Teammate
Disguise as your teammate and then get noticed by an enemy. Quickly run behind a corner, out of sight, and switch your disguise to an enemy class. This might make him think that his own teammate just killed someone on the other team. This might seem useless, but if you can pull it off, you could gain the trust of the opposing team, helping you in your infiltration efforts.

Using Cloak Effectively
Your cloak is one of your most important tools as a spy. It can allow you to get behind the main body of the enemy in order to backstab them or sap some sentries. You only have a precious 10-20 seconds until your cloak runs out, so you have to time it very well.

Avoid using your cloak when an enemy can see you, as this will alert them to your presence. Avoid Pyro's and Heavy's at all cost, as they can easily reveal you. The Heavy with his wide spray of bullets (you are slightly visible when shot) and the Pyro can set you on fire and make you visible.

Try not to bump into enemies when disguised or cloaked. You can walk through teammates -- you cannot walk through enemies. Always plan where you are going to uncloak, preferably a dark area, and run towards it.

Sapping Engineer Units
This is one of the most important parts of being a Spy: Sentries.

When approaching a sentry disguised as an Engineer you have a few choices. You can sap the sentry first and then backstab the Engineer before he can knock off the sapper (this doesn't work well if another sentry is nearby since it will shoot you immediately). An excellent solution is to place a sapper and then put another on as soon as the previous sapper is knocked off. This causes the sentry to deteriorate. If the Engineer comes after you with his shotgun, abandon his sentry for a few seconds, pull out your gun, and start shooting the sentry. This accelerates the sapping process, so long as the Engineer doesn't hit the sapper off before you, in which case you're completely screwed.

Also, keep in mind that sentries are completely disabled while being sapped. Example: If you're playing on 2FORT, rather than waiting for the sapper to finish, you could grab the intel while the sentry is disabled and make a run for it.

Beware of suspiciously placed teleporters. It is common for Engineers to place decoy teleporters since it's inherit for Spy's to sap everything they see, alerting the Engineer that a Spy is nearby.

Spotting an Enemy Spy
How to spot a spy disguised as...

Any Class
No matter what class a Spy is disguised as, there are a few things to look out for:

He is only holding his primary weapon
If you see a Scout with a pistol or an Engineer with his wrench, they are not Spies.

He isn't shooting anything
If a Spy shoots, he'll un-disguise himself. So he won't. If you see someone shoot, he's not a Spy.

He's not where he should be
If a Soldier or Scout is running around your base, he could be a Spy. They should be outside on the frontline.

They call for Medics when they don't need one
Some Spies will call an enemy Medic even though they have full health. If you see someone running around for a Medic while having full health, they might be a Spy.

They're eyeballing every opportunity to take action
If you see someone who's not an Engineer, constantly looking around a sentry, waiting for the right moment, they could be Spies.

They stand still
None of your teammates should be standing still. If you see one, it wouldn't hurt to check him if he's a Spy or not. But if you do, they too are probably waiting for the right moment.

They look like they're trying to get behind someone
If you see a Soldier or Demoman trying to get behind one of your teammates when they should be shooting something, they are most likely a spy.

He doesn't phase through you when you walk into him
A lot of Spy checkers miss this. If you walk into an ally and you bump him instead of phasing through him, he is a Spy.

He uses some clever Spy spray
Don't be stupid. The second you see him spray something, check him.

They're not running as fast as they should. Spies disguised as scouts get no speed boost. If you see a Scout walking too slow, quickly kill them. A good way to know is if you see a Pyro, Demoman, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, or Spy walking next to him and he goes just as fast.

He's not in the front line. Soldiers should be outside and inside the enemy base. Not inside yours.

He's not Spy checking. If you see a Pyro not checking everyone for a Spy, then he could be a Spy. If he's not a Spy and is still a Pyro, tell him to start Spy checking (shooting fire).

See Soldier.

He isn't using Sasha. If you see a Heavy, he should be firing at people outside. If he's not, check him.

He isn't holding his wrench. I almost never see a friendly Engineer with a shotgun out unless he's shooting something. He isn't around his work. If you see an Engineer not building or tending to anything, he's likely a Spy. If you do see him going toward a building without a wrench in hand, he might be sapping it.

Do you really need to ask? If he isn't healing anyone. 'Nuff said. They don't show an Ubercharge meter when you target them.

They aren't looking through their scope. This is a dead giveaway.

He shouldn't be in your base in the first place. Your own Spies should be in the enemy's base. Not yours. Kill him quick. If he turns out to be your ally and is still in your base, tell him to go Spy like a Spy should. He doesn't have a paper mask on. A Spy should have a mask on the second he spawns. If you see a friendly Spy without one, he is likely to be a Spy.

Destroy Sentries Faster
As a Spy, after you place a sapper on a structure the Engineer created, shoot it to destroy it faster.

Build A Dispenser on the ramp. Jump on it when it is done (this is the hard bit...) jump up and build a teleport exit on the roof, build a teleport entrance anywhere (preferrably close for this moment. Get on the roof and build a sentry, may blu rest in peace... (you can change around the placement of the other 3 objects to your pleasing if you wish also.)

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