Combat Arms TGS Download

Everyone knows that the Combat Arms TGS hack is the best hack out there... so why aren't you using it yet? Oh right because the Combat Arms section of the ThisGameSux website has been having issues for several months now. So when you're too n00b to play the game for yourself go and download a copy of the TGS hack! Nothing like a good old fashioned frag fest with a bunch of newbs who can't even play the game so they have to download some hacks to cheat their way through the game. Combat Arms cheats aren't very hard to find, but with the recent addition to vote kicking it is harder and harder for people to be able to hack. So you have to have the best combat arms cheats in order to hack the game right.

So where can you get your Combat arms hacks from?

There are many websites.

This is the best site for combat arms hack personally. Its got kick *** hacks that others dont have (no fall damage, no spread etc.)

heres another one. its not as good as TGS but its gettin there. however they miss out one of the most essential hacks no recoil!

this websites have all different hacks so it'll be easier to choose from

i dont have much experience using this site.

there are many others but i recommend tgs.

Currently there have been a recent patch so no hacks are workin unless ur V.I.P or ur very very lucky! current time 8:15pm Thursday October 30 EST

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