Combat Arms Aimbot

For all of those of you who can't aim worth a crap and still want to play Combat Arms, welcome to my page for Combat Arms Aimbots. Don't worry, you won't find any Aimbots on this website. What you might find is just what you're looking for in the listings though. Who knows you might get lucky! If not sorry you fail so hard that you can't play your precious game...

I suggest sucking it up and playing for a couple of years until you get better like everyone else has. It's not like you paid for the game anyways. Which I guess is one major reason why Combat Arms (CA) is so popular for cheaters, hackers, and aimbotters. You didn't have to pay anything for the game so who cares if you get banned right?

Good... or rather bad luck in your journey to finding the Combat Arms hacks that you've been looking for.

Combat Arms is a free First-Person Shooter made by Nexon Corp. It is entirely a multiplayer game with no single-player mode (although the Korean Version has a scenario/co-op mode), and currently contains five game modes: Elimination, One Man Army, Capture The Flag, Search & Destroy, and Spy Hunt.


Two teams fight to be the first to collectively reach a set number of kills.

One Man Army

Classic Deathmatch mode. Players win by obtaining a predefined number of kills.

Capture the Flag

Two teams fight to capture the other's flag. Teams are rewarded points by capturing the opponent team's flag, and whoever reaches a set number of captures first or has the highest number of captures after the time limit expires, wins the game.

Search & Destroy

One team plants a bomb in one of two locations. The opposing team has to prevent the bomb from being planted, or defuse the bomb if they fail to defend their base. Each player is only granted one life.

Spy Hunt

Players attempt to find five intel cases before any other player does. Every player starts out on the Mercenary team but compete to become spies. When an intel case is found and picked up, the player becomes a spy. When they become a spy, they receive a chaingun and extra health and is now on their own, and fight against other spies and mercenaries. If a spy is killed, all his intel cases are dropped. When one person is in possession of all five intel cases, that player becomes the Super spy, and the game enters sudden death mode. Every other player must try to kill the Super spy. The Super spy can win by killing all other players, or uploading the intel by using a computer somewhere on the map. The Mercenaries can win by waiting for the time to expire or by killing the Super spy.


Gear Points (GP) can be earned from playing games, but are also awarded by leveling up. Also, Gear Points are used when purchasing weapons or accessories from the Shop. The GP cost depends on the weapon and length of purchase, varying from 1 day to 90 days. Players can also purchase equipment from the Black Market (also known as Nexon Cash Shop) using points that are bought with real-world money. Nexon GameCards come in 10$(10,000NX) and 25$(25,000NX). ($12 for 10,000NX and $30 for 25,000NX in Canada) Primarily, the Black Market equipment is cosmetically differing equipment of regular shop items. Camouflage, new characters, and modifications/additions to weapons are also available for purchase. In addition to this, there are in-game items which are completely exclusive to NX Users. Weapons are usually bought from the regular shop using Gear Points. Some weapons have ranked restrictions (ranks originate from the U.S. Army, from Trainee to General of the Army). When the player first starts the game, they are given 2,000 GP, and each rank up gives a successive 500 GP more, starting at 1,000 GP when ranking up to Recruit. The higher the rank of the player, the more equipment is at their disposal.

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