Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valiant Arms was created by REDDUCK and published by NHN USA on 2009-11-11. Alliance of Valiant Arms is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game.

Like many other First-Person Shooter, players join either the EU forces or NRF forces and attempt to complete their mission objective or eliminate the opposing team. There are 3 classes available in AVA,[8] each has their own advantage and disadvantage against other classes. Players are free to change class during the game and also acquiring Class Skills to further enhances unique characteristics of each class.

Rifle Man - Has highest defense rate of 3 classes. Uses assault rifles for main weapon and suits for all kind of battle.

Point Man - Best for close range combat. Has the highest movement speed and uses submachine guns or shotguns for main weapons.

Sniper - Very weak when in close range but can cause substantial damage over a distance. Uses sniper rifles for main weapon.

There are currently 9 game modes in ijji version of AVA:

Annihilation - Similar to Team Deathmatch, players are pits against each other until one team has enough score or when the time runs out, the team with most score win. Dog tags can also be picked up from dead ally or enemy for extra score.

Demolition - To complete the mission, the EU forces must plant the bomb at one of the bomb points while the NRF forces are defending it. The EU forces will win if the bomb detonated while the NRF must disarm the bomb if it has been planted to win. Alternatively, one team will win if the opposing team is eliminated.

Escort - The EU forces must escort a tank to a destination while the NRF forces are preventing them from reaching it.

Convoy - The EU forces must transport a designated object to the target area to win. The NRF forces must prevent the EU forces from taking the object.

Domination - Both teams compete for domination over a target. The team with higher domination gauge or is in control of the target when both has the same gauge will win.

Free For All - One player is pit against other players. The match ends when one player reaches the pre-set score or time runs out in which the player with the most score wins.

Cross Steal - The objective of Cross Steal is to retrieve the enemy's launch key and return to own base with it while own launch key is still in position.

Infection - Each match will begin with a countdown. During the countdown, players must set up a defensive position or plan a strategy to combat against the zombies. When the countdown is up, one or more players (depending on the total number of players in the match) are transformed into zombies randomly. Human players must survive until the timer ends or eliminate the zombies while the zombies must infect all human players before the timer ends.

AI Mission - A group of 4 players are automatically assigned to the EU to survive and/or complete mission objectives while fighting against AI-Controlled NRF.

Escape - EU troops try to escape to a waiting boat while NRF troops try to stop them. The round ends when the opposing team is wiped out, or when one soldier makes it to the boat.

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