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KC LAN Party has been around since 2005 and undergone several evolutions. First I tried running the site with PHPNuke, and did fairly well, but it was difficult to do much custom with the website and there was a lot of clutter and uselessness on the website like the forum that never got used (except by spammers). Then I had spammer/hacker problems with some versions of PHPNuke because I wasn't paying the yearly subscription I was always running a version at least a year behind.

KC LAN Girl So I went to my growing favorite web application WordPress. Bringing the website to a whole new level of usability and a more functional blog. Most of the original data was lost in this transition though. Either way, for security and reduction of SPAM the move was worth it it also cleaned the site up a little bit... but always felt a little bit constrictive to what KC LAN Party should be. I've since moved on to developing my own application 100% custom designed this time I believe that the new KC LAN Party is more robust, and serving to the Kansas City LAN Party crowd than ever.

controller I've imported in thousands of pages from the old site and started to expand the site with several key categories. The new KC LAN Party website is like a breath of fresh air to me secure, uncluttered, clean, flexible, and easily updated for me. I'm glad to see that you've found you way to as we're very excited about the gaming industry in Kansas City.

Thanks for visiting,
Cody Sortore, Founder and head admin of KC LAN Party

I hope you've enjoyed what we provide here at and I hope you make a special visit to our sponsors who make all of this possible

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